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What is an Intruder Alarm System?

The control panel is the brain. It receives signals from the sensors. It sounds sirens and flashes lights if a threat is detected. It can also send alerts to a monitoring station or your phone.

Installing an alarm is simple. An expert mounts the sensors and control panel. They test the system works correctly. You arm it when leaving by entering a code. You disarm on return.

Good systems use multiple sensor types. Motion sensors detect body heat and movement. Door and window contacts sense opening. Glass break detectors recognize shattered panes. Some have surveillance cameras.

Alarms deter criminals. The siren attracts attention. Monitoring ensures a response. But alarms are not impenetrable. Skilled intruders can sometimes bypass them. Proper installation, maintenance and arming are essential.

An intruder alarm provides security. It warns of possible threats. For homes and businesses, it offers valuable protection and peace of mind.

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Alarm System Types

There are different types and grades of intruder alarm systems.

what is a NACOSS alarm

A NACOSS (National Approval Council for Security Systems) alarm meets strict security standards. It offers enhanced protection against skilled intruders. A NACOSS audible alarm must produce a minimum sound level to warn neighbors.

what is a SSAIB alarm

An SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) approved alarm has been rigorously inspected. It confirms to all regulatory requirements. SSAIB certification indicates a high-quality, professional installation.

What is a Dualcom alarm

A dualcom alarm has dual signaling for communication redundancy. It uses two separate methods, like a phone line and cellular link. If one path is disrupted, the other still functions to transmit alerts. Dualcom provides added reliability over single-path systems.

The type of alarm depends on the specific security needs. Higher-risk properties benefit from more stringent accredited systems. But all intruder alarms provide a valuable security deterrent when properly installed and maintained.


In summary, an intruder alarm is a security system. It guards buildings against break-ins and unauthorized entry. Sensors detect movement, open doors/windows, broken glass. Signals transmit to a control panel. The panel triggers loud sirens and flashing lights upon threat detection. It can also alert monitoring stations or send notifications.

A quality alarm system uses multiple sensor types for full coverage. It requires proper installation by professionals. The system must be armed when leaving and disarmed upon return. Proper usage and maintenance are critical.

While not infallible, intruder alarms are an effective deterrent. The siren sound calls attention. Monitoring ensures a fast response. For homes and businesses, an alarm system provides security and valuable peace of mind. It is an investment in protection against criminal threats.

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