How Much Does It Cost to Install CCTV in a House Uk?

The cost to install CCTV in a UK house varies from £450 to £1,000 + VAT, depending on system complexity. A basic wired system with 4 cameras averages £800 + VAT, while wireless systems range from £450 to £750 + VAT. Factors like camera quantity, location, and property type influence costs. Supply costs range from £300 to £2,000, including cameras, cables, and mounting hardware. Additional expenses may arise from labour, security lighting, and system integration. Consider these aspects for an effective surveillance setup. Understanding these details can help you make informed decisions for your CCTV installation project.

Average Cost of CCTV Installation

When considering the installation of CCTV in a house in the UK, the average cost typically falls within the range of £450 to £1,000 + VAT.

For basic wired systems with 4 cameras, installation costs can start at around £800 + VAT, while wireless systems generally range between £450 – £750 + VAT.

It is important to note that additional costs may arise, such as annual maintenance fees that can start at £100.

Factors influencing these costs include the number of cameras needed, the location of the property, and the type of building where the CCTV system will be installed.

Understanding these cost variations and additional expenses is crucial for homeowners looking to enhance their property’s security through CCTV surveillance.

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Factors Influencing Installation Costs

The cost of installing CCTV systems in a house in the UK is significantly influenced by various factors. The number and types of cameras required, along with considerations like property location and system type, play a crucial role in determining installation costs. Camera prices can vary widely, ranging from £20 to £550 each, impacting the overall cost.

Additionally, installation costs fluctuate based on the chosen system type and the total quantity of cameras to be installed. Other factors that can influence the total installation cost include aspects like access to the property, its location, and the type of property itself.

Furthermore, additional expenses may arise from labor costs, necessary accessories such as security lighting, and integrating the CCTV system with other security measures in place. These diverse elements collectively contribute to the final cost of setting up CCTV surveillance in a household in the UK.

Supply Costs for CCTV Installation

Factors influencing the cost of installing CCTV systems in a house in the UK encompass a range of elements, with supply costs playing a pivotal role in determining the overall expenditure. The supply costs for CCTV installation typically include cameras, cables, DVR/NVR systems, and mounting hardware.

Basic CCTV camera kits in the UK can range from £300 to £800, depending on the number of cameras and system specifications. For more advanced features such as night vision, motion detection, and remote access, prices can escalate to £800 to £2,000 for higher-end CCTV systems.

Additional supply expenses may include weatherproof housings for outdoor cameras, power adapters, and storage devices for footage. It is crucial to consider these supply costs when budgeting for a CCTV installation to ensure all necessary components are accounted for in building a comprehensive surveillance system for your property.

Additional Installation Expenses

To further assess the overall expenses associated with installing CCTV in a house in the UK, it is imperative to consider the additional installation costs that extend beyond the initial supply expenses. These additional expenses can significantly impact the total cost of the installation.

For instance, new outdoor sockets, essential for powering the CCTV system, can cost between £80 to £120 each. Upgrading the consumer unit to accommodate the CCTV setup may require an investment ranging from £300 to £500. Furthermore, installing a new front door for heightened security measures could incur costs ranging from £600 to £1200.

Integrating the CCTV system with an existing home security setup might also lead to additional expenses to ensure seamless operation. It is advisable to budget for unforeseen costs that may arise during the installation process to avoid any financial surprises. Planning for these additional installation expenses is crucial to achieving a comprehensive and effective CCTV system without any budgetary setbacks.

Labour Costs for CCTV Installation

Discussing the aspect of labour costs for CCTV installation in the UK, it is essential to consider the varying rates based on factors such as the type of system and the number of cameras involved. On average, labour costs for CCTV installation range from £75 to £90 per camera.

These costs can fluctuate depending on the complexity of the system and the scale of the project. Professional engineers often charge higher fees due to their expertise in efficient installation, ensuring the system functions optimally. Moreover, the time required for installation plays a crucial role in determining labour costs.

For instance, wired systems that can be integrated into existing setups may reduce installation time and subsequently lower labour expenses. By estimating installation times and considering the specific requirements of the property, individuals can better plan for the overall cost and duration of their CCTV installation project.

Types of CCTV Systems

Various types of CCTV systems are available in the UK to cater to different surveillance needs and preferences. Basic CCTV systems in the UK typically consist of 4-8 wired cameras that store footage on a hard drive. These systems are cost-effective and suitable for small to medium-sized properties.

On the other hand, wireless CCTV systems in the UK connect over a network and store footage in the cloud, offering flexibility in installation locations. High-end CCTV systems in the UK provide advanced features such as high-quality video, night vision capabilities, and remote viewing apps for monitoring your property from anywhere.

For those seeking premium options, wireless CCTV systems in the UK are customizable but come at a higher cost due to their enhanced features and flexibility. When choosing a CCTV system in the UK, it is essential to consider factors like surveillance areas, camera locations, and storage options to ensure effective monitoring and security.

Benefits of Installing CCTV

When considering the security enhancements provided by different types of CCTV systems in the UK, the benefits of installing CCTV extend beyond mere surveillance to encompass a range of advantages for homeowners.

Firstly, CCTV acts as a visual deterrent to thieves, significantly enhancing home security by discouraging potential intruders. Moreover, these systems provide complete coverage of the property, effectively monitoring activities around the home and ensuring a heightened sense of safety.

Additionally, installing CCTV may lead to potential reductions in insurance premiums, making it a cost-effective security investment for homeowners. The connected cameras record all events occurring around the property, aiding in identification and evidence collection in case of any incidents.

Furthermore, CCTV systems offer remote monitoring capabilities, allowing homeowners to keep an eye on their property even when they are away, thereby increasing safety and providing peace of mind.


In conclusion, the cost of installing CCTV in a house in the UK varies depending on factors such as the type of system, additional expenses, and labour costs. It is important to consider all these factors before making a decision.

CCTV systems offer numerous benefits, including increased security and peace of mind for homeowners. It is a worthwhile investment to protect your property and loved ones.

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