How to Reset Ring Doorbell

Resetting your Ring Doorbell can be a straightforward process, but understanding the specific steps for your model is crucial. Whether you have an original Ring doorbell or a newer version like Ring 2 or Pro, the reset process involves a few simple steps. However, beyond just pressing buttons, there are additional considerations such as ensuring a stable Wi-Fi connection post-reset. By following the manufacturer’s guidelines and taking into account some expert tips, you can optimize the performance of your Ring Doorbell. Stay tuned to unravel the intricacies and ensure a smooth reset process for your device.

Resetting Procedures for Different Models

When resetting a Ring Doorbell, the procedures vary depending on the specific model of the device. For original Ring doorbell models, one must start by removing the screws and lifting the device to access the orange reset button. Holding this button for 10 seconds initiates the reset process.

Conversely, for Ring 2, 3, and Pro models, the reset procedure involves pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds. This action prompts the device to reset, requiring a subsequent reconnection to Wi-Fi.

The reset buttons on Ring devices are typically small black buttons that need to be pressed and held until the LED flashes, indicating that the reset is in progress.

Following the reset, reconnecting to Wi-Fi can be accomplished through the Ring app. Users simply need to select the device, tap on device health, and choose the option to reconnect.

In cases of connectivity issues post-reset, troubleshooting may entail checking app notifications and ensuring a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Reconnecting and Refreshing Connection

To ensure uninterrupted functionality and optimal performance, reconnecting the Ring Doorbell to Wi-Fi through the Ring app is essential after resetting the device. This process can be easily accomplished by selecting the device within the Ring app, tapping on device health, and choosing the reconnect to Wi-Fi option.

Proximity to the doorbell can facilitate automatic reconnection after a reset, but manual intervention may be necessary in some cases. Troubleshooting connectivity issues post-reset involves checking app notifications and ensuring a strong Wi-Fi signal for the Ring doorbell.

Reconnecting the Ring doorbell to Wi-Fi not only resolves any connection issues that may have arisen but also contributes to maintaining its performance at an optimal level. By refreshing the connection post-reset, users can ensure a stable and reliable connection for monitoring and receiving notifications effectively.

It is advisable to perform this reconnection step promptly after resetting the Ring doorbell to avoid any disruptions in its functionality and connectivity.

Video Tutorial and Expert Tips

For a comprehensive guide on resetting your Ring doorbell and expert troubleshooting tips, consider watching a detailed video tutorial provided by Ring or certified professionals in the field. These video tutorials offer step-by-step instructions on the reset process, ensuring that you follow the correct procedures to effectively reset your Ring doorbell. Additionally, seeking advice from professionals can be beneficial for more complex issues that may arise during the reset.

It is essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance to keep your Ring doorbell functioning optimally. If battery replacement is necessary, make sure to follow the recommended procedures. After completing the reset, use the Ring app to reconnect your phone to the doorbell, enabling seamless communication between the devices.

In case you encounter any difficulties during the reset process, do not hesitate to contact Ring support for assistance. When handling electrical components during the reset, exercise caution to prevent any accidents or damage to the devices.

Completing Setup Process and Tips

Upon successfully resetting your Ring doorbell, the next crucial step is to complete the setup process and incorporate essential tips for optimal performance. Use the Ring app to seamlessly reconnect your phone to the doorbell, ensuring a smooth setup. It is advisable to keep the screws organized and make sure your Ring app is updated before reconnecting the doorbell to enhance its performance.

If you encounter any difficulties during the setup process, do not hesitate to reach out to Ring support for assistance. Remember to handle electrical components with caution when resetting the doorbell.

To maintain the longevity of your Ring doorbell, adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for regular maintenance and performance checks. Seeking professional advice for complex issues is recommended to ensure proper functioning. Additionally, consider replacing the battery if necessary to sustain the doorbell’s functionality.

Additional Information and Resources

Exploring further insights and supplementary resources can enhance your understanding of resetting Ring doorbells and contribute to a more informed approach towards maintaining their functionality. Gino Colucci, a Home Improvement Specialist, provides detailed instructions in his article on resetting Ring doorbells, offering a comprehensive guide for users.

Additionally, Crackerjacks Handyman Services stands out as a reliable option for repair solutions related to Ring devices, ensuring professional assistance for users seeking technical support.

Moreover, the fact that technicians undergo background checks for safety purposes when servicing Ring doorbells adds a layer of trustworthiness to the process, giving users peace of mind when seeking assistance. The positive feedback from over 49,000 readers on the article further attests to the effectiveness of the reset procedures outlined, reinforcing the reliability of the information presented.

Lastly, the image credit to Smith Collection/Gado Getty Images accompanying the article enhances its credibility, providing users with a visual reference to complement the reset instructions.

Rebooting Your Ring Device

Rebooting a Ring device is a quick and effective solution for resolving audio and video issues efficiently. To reboot your Ring device, utilize the Ring app while connected to wifi for a seamless process.

If your device is offline, ensure it is reconnected to wifi before attempting a reboot. In cases where using the app is not feasible, alternative methods include removing the battery or power cycling the device to initiate a reboot.

This simple troubleshooting step often proves effective in resolving connectivity issues with your Ring device. By performing a reboot, you can refresh the system and potentially address any glitches or malfunctions that may be hindering the device’s performance.

Improving Wifi Connection

To ensure optimal performance of your Ring doorbell, it is imperative to focus on improving the wifi connection for seamless operation.

A strong and stable wifi signal is essential for reliable video streaming and timely notifications. Start by placing your router close to the doorbell to minimize signal interference. Check for potential obstacles like walls or electronic devices that could weaken the signal strength.

Consider using a dual-band router and updating firmware to optimize your network for better connectivity. If necessary, invest in wifi extenders to expand coverage and eliminate dead zones.

Following Ring’s wifi setup recommendations can significantly enhance the performance and reliability of your Ring doorbell. By prioritizing a robust wifi connection, you can ensure that your Ring device functions efficiently, providing you with the security and convenience you expect.


In conclusion, resetting a Ring Doorbell varies depending on the model. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines is crucial to ensure a successful reset.

Reconnecting to Wi-Fi after the reset is essential for the device to function properly. By following the outlined steps and ensuring a strong Wi-Fi signal, users can effectively reset their Ring Doorbell and maintain optimal performance.

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