How to Change Ring Doorbell Sound

When it comes to personalizing your Ring Doorbell experience, one often overlooked but impactful adjustment is changing the doorbell sound. The process may seem straightforward, but the ability to select a sound that suits your taste can significantly enhance your overall interaction with the doorbell system. Imagine being able to tailor your doorbell chime to match your home’s ambiance or even your mood. The possibilities are endless, and the steps to achieve this customization are simpler than you might think. Let’s explore how a simple sound change can elevate your interaction with the Ring Doorbell system.

Steps for Changing Ring Doorbell Sound

To change the sound of your Ring Doorbell, follow a series of straightforward steps within the Ring app. Begin by accessing the Ring app on your mobile device and locating the Menu icon. From there, navigate to the Devices section and select your Chime speaker. Within the Chime settings, proceed to Audio Settings and then select Chime Tones.

Once in the Chime Tones menu, you will be presented with a variety of tones to choose from, including holiday-themed options. Select the desired tone that you wish to customize your doorbell sound with. Additionally, you can adjust the volume levels and set specific motion detection sounds according to your preferences.

After customizing the sound for your Chime device, repeat the same process for any additional Chime devices you have connected to your Ring Doorbell system.

Tools and Requirements for Ring Doorbell Sound Change

For adjusting the sound of your Ring Doorbell, essential tools include a Ring video doorbell, a smartphone installed with the Ring app, and a Ring Chime for enhanced audio capabilities.

The Ring video doorbell serves as the primary device for receiving doorbell notifications and adjusting sound settings. The smartphone, equipped with the Ring app, acts as the control center for managing the doorbell’s audio features.

Additionally, incorporating a Ring Chime into your setup can provide a richer and more customizable sound experience.

Having these tools on hand allows you to easily modify the sound of your Ring Doorbell according to your preferences. By accessing the Ring app on your smartphone, you can navigate to the Chime settings and select from a variety of audio options.

Whether you prefer traditional chimes or festive tones for different occasions, Ring offers a range of choices to personalize your doorbell experience. Furthermore, setting specific tones for doorbell rings and motion alerts can help tailor notifications to suit your needs.

FAQs on Changing Ring Doorbell Sound

An understanding of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding changing the Ring Doorbell sound can provide valuable insights into optimizing the audio settings of your device.

One common query is how to change the Ring doorbell sound. This can be done by accessing the Chime speaker settings within the Ring app, where various options, including holiday tones, can be selected to suit your preferences.

Additionally, users often wonder if they can customize notification sounds for doorbell rings and motion alerts. The good news is that this customization is indeed possible through the Ring app, allowing for a more personalized experience.

However, some users may inquire about the customization options for the outside sound on the Ring doorbell. Unfortunately, the outside sound can only be enabled or disabled, with no direct customization choices available.

On the other hand, changing the internal chime tones is a straightforward process, offering users the opportunity to tailor their Ring Doorbell sound to their liking.

Final Thoughts on Ring Doorbell Sound Customization

Concluding the exploration of Ring Doorbell sound customization, it becomes evident that while internal chime tones offer ample room for personalization, external sound options remain more limited in scope.

The Ring app allows users to choose from a variety of chime tones and motion alert sounds, enabling them to tailor the indoor auditory experience to their liking. However, when it comes to the external sound produced by the Ring doorbell, customization options are more restricted, primarily limited to enabling or disabling the default sound.

It is recommended to keep the default outside sound active to ensure visitors are alerted effectively. While users may desire more extensive customization options for the external sound, the focus of Ring doorbell sound customization is predominantly on enhancing the indoor auditory alerts and chime tones.

Additional Features for Ring Doorbell Users

Explore the integration of Ring security cameras to create a comprehensive home security system for enhanced protection and monitoring capabilities. By incorporating Ring’s range of security cameras into your setup, you can bolster your smart home’s defense beyond just the doorbell. These cameras offer features like HD video recording, two-way audio, and motion detection, providing you with a more complete surveillance solution.

Additionally, tapping into user comments and feedback on Ring products can offer valuable insights into real-world experiences and help you make informed decisions on expanding your Ring ecosystem.

Delving into more how-tos related to Ring devices can further enhance your customization options and optimize the functionality of your devices.

Lastly, staying abreast of the latest features and updates from Ring ensures that you are leveraging your devices to their full potential. Regularly checking for new offerings can unlock additional functionalities and improve the overall security and convenience of your Ring system.

User37230 Inquiry on Ring Camera Chime Sound

User37230’s inquiry on changing the chime sound for their Ring Camera prompts a discussion on customizing chime tones through the Ring app.

To address User37230’s query, the Ring app provides a convenient platform for customizing chime alerts for Ring Cameras and Doorbells. By accessing the app, users can navigate to the settings section dedicated to chimes, where they can add their cameras and select the desired chime tone. This feature enables users to personalize their chime sounds according to their preferences, enhancing the overall user experience and alert system functionality.

In response to User37230’s specific request, Caitlyn_Ring offers valuable guidance on how to link Ring Cameras to the Chime device and modify the chime sound settings effectively. By following the instructions provided within the Ring app, users like User37230 can seamlessly integrate their cameras with the chime alerts, ensuring a seamless and tailored chime experience for their Ring Camera notifications.


In conclusion, changing the Ring Doorbell sound can be easily done through the Ring app by accessing the Chime speaker settings.

With various customization options available, users can personalize their notification sounds to suit their preferences.

Explore the features and tools provided by Ring to enhance your overall user experience.

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